5th wheel is the only connection between the truck and trailer, thus it is extremely important to keep the 5th wheel properly inspected, adjusted and lubricated at all times.

Most Common 5th Wheel Problems:

  • An unadjusted 5th wheel might cause trailer bouncing back and forth, and/or lock mechanism jamming.
  • A worn top plate doesn’t have sufficient grease escape grooves depth
  • Worn 5th wheel lock mechanism might cause trailer king pin release and trailer loss as a result
  • Lack of grease on the top plate might result in a stiff ride and/or stiff turns
  • Seized up pivot pins

Did you know?

  • A large portion of grease that escapes from the top plate, ends up in the locking mechanism. As the truck and trailer traveling down the road, the grease will attract road dirt and dust. That mixture will end up stiffing the lock mechanism. Routine cleaning and/or power washing “the underside” of the top plate, will keep the locking mechanism free and easy to operate.
  • Many 5th wheels are positioned in one spot and do not slide back or forth. Lack of routine sliding mechanism maintenance and inspection might cause slide cylinder seizure, release pins seizure resulting in costly repairs
  • Depending on the condition of the 5th wheel top plate and locking mechanism, the 5th wheel can be either rebuilt or replaced
  • Most 5th wheel problems are caused by lack of proper maintenance, therefore this mechanism requires regular check ups and inspection


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