Brake Repair Services from Best Truck Repair Company in Toronto & GTA

Air brakes play the most significant role in Truck & Trailer safety. In order for the truck/trailer to be able to brake and stop safely, the air brake system must be functioning properly. Keeping your brake system in top condition can only be achieved by performing daily inspection, routine and preventative maintenance.

Most Common Brake Malfunctions:

  • Brakes out of adjustment
  • Improperly cut brake chamber rod
  • Failed brake chamber (Maxi)
  • Malfunctioning air valves
  • Seized clevis pins
  • Seized anchor pins
  • Failed brake shoe springs
  • Cracked shoes, pads, drums and rotors (Not to be confused with heat checks)
  • Frozen air tanks, lines and valves resulting from lack of daily air tank draining

Did You Know?

  • Most commonly used brake chambers are Type 30 (2.5” Short Stroke) and Type 30 LS (3” Long Stroke). The two different brake chambers CANNOT be mixed up on the same axle!
  • Most commonly used brake shoes are Q Plus. When upgrading brake shoes from Q to Q plus, we recommend upgrading S-Cams, tubes, and bushings.
  • Automatic slack adjusters do not need to be adjusted, however brake adjustment must be checked to ensure proper adjustment and outline any potential problems. If an automatic brake adjuster requires adjustment it means that either that brake adjuster is faulty or there might be another problem with air brake component.


Armed with years of experience, vision, expertise, and, most of all, passion for all things automotive, we offer brakes repair and maintenance services for all kinds of trucks and trailers. Our mobile team will come to you anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area with the expertise and equipment to address your problem. Contact us today to get a FREE quote.