Have you ever thought of what is happening behind your vehicle that is not visible in the mirrors? Did you ever have a hard time backing up a truck to a tight spot? Have you ever had people passing behind your truck while backing up? CONCORD TRUCK & TRAILER has the solution!

Quality Rear View Camera Kits

  • We sell and install backup cameras for any type of truck. We can even install a camera on a forklift (wireless camera kit + battery pack required).
  • We can offer a wide selection of camera kits and types (wireless, hardwired), resolution and recording ability, 2 monitor sizes to choose from and other accessories.
  • We will install the camera and set it up the way you prefer. We provide a warranty on camera kits and labour. Contact us directly for more details.
  • We can install up to 4 cameras on a vehicle connected to one single monitor.

Call Us Today to Order Your Backup Camera Kit

You can count on the experts at CONCORD TRUCK & TRAILER to install a backup camera in your truck, trailer, tractor, RV, loader, forklift, etc. Kindly send us your request by email or call us directly at 6472782662. We are ready to come to your location and assist you with all your fleet needs.