Steering, driveline and suspension are important components to keep your truck steering, moving and running stable and smooth at all times. By performing routine inspection and preventative maintenance, many problems can be identified before the breakdown occurs. The most neglected maintenance routine is gear oil change in rear differentials. Depending on the vehicle’s application (city/highway, dump/refuse, etc…) differential oil change intervals might vary.

When a u-joint fails and causes driveshaft separation during vehicle movement, it can cause extremely severe and expensive damage. If the vehicle is not immediately stopped, the driveshaft will continue rotating around its axis causing damage to every component it can reach such as airlines and tanks, electric harness and, fuel lines and tanks.

Most common types of steering, driveline and suspension malfunctions:

  • Worn out rear shackles on steer axle leaf spring
  • Worn out pitman arm, drag link, tie rod ends, steering shaft u-joints and/or splines
  • Driveline vibration
  • Stiff steering wheel due to seized king pins
  • U-joint failure as a result of rapid clutch pedal release and/or lack of proper lubrication
  • Hanger bearing failure
  • Failed shock absorbers
  • Plugged breathers on differential (banjo) housings

Did you know?

  • When taking your truck or trailer for a grease job, it is very important to deal with knowledgeable service provider who knows where each grease nipple located as there are many different truck/trailer applications such as highway/city truck, dump/refuse truck, roll-off/lugger, different trailer bogie types, dump trailers, live bottoms, etc…
  • A simple way to check the shock absorbers is to touch the shock absorbers after a trip. If the shocks are warm to touch, they are performing well. If the shocks are cold, it is time to replace them.
  • If an airbag base breaks and has a missing piece, the whole airbag assembly needs to be replaced. The reason behind it is that a deflated airbag can get caught and ripped against the sharp edge of the broken base causing airbag failure and air leak.

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