Breakdowns are always unexpected and frustrating causing schedule and HOS (Hours Of Service) change.

Like all hardworking machines, a truck or trailer can also break down due to mechanical or electrical failure. Even extreme weather conditions can cause a breakdown such as air system freeze. At such instances, it is extremely important that you have on hand an emergency truck repair team’s number who can help you in such circumstances.


Our emergency response services are used by many of our customers as they rely on our knowledge and expertise in repairing heavy-duty trucks and trailers on the spot. Our mobile service is quick and efficient in fixing many breakdowns to get you back on the road in as less time as possible.


Keeping our contact details handy will make sure that you never have to search for ‘emergency truck repair near me’ ever again. Our emergency response team will try to reach your location as quickly as possible. We can travel up to 150 kms to reach you depending on the type of repair and the length of time required to fix it.

Did you know?

    • Based on a breakdown, in some cases, we can even assist you over the phone and provide procedure instructions to get you back on the road.
    • Not all repairs can be done on the spot. Even though CONCORD TRUCK & TRAILER is thriving to perform complete repair on the spot, every breakdown is different and some components must be fixed in a shop environment. However if possible we will provide a temporary repair in order to safely get your vehicle to a repair shop of your choice.
    • Most severe breakdowns such as turbo failure, driveshaft separation causing surrounding damage, etc… will require towing the vehicle

Call Your Emergency Truck Repair Specialists

Armed with years of experience, vision, expertise, and, most of all, passion for all things automotive, we offer emergency truck repair services for all kinds of trucks and trailers. Concord Truck & Trailer understands the time importance of getting you back on the road. Our team is well equipped to handle such types of emergency services. Call us now if you are stuck with a breakdown.