Proper maintenance and upkeep of a fleet are essential to its maximum utilization and problem-free performance over a number of years. CONCORD TRUCK & TRAILER is the most reliable mobile team in the GTA for commercial truck equipment installation. We bring years of expertise and all of the tools we need to wherever you are, read on to learn some more about our service.

Truck Equipment Installation

When it comes to the installation of equipment on commercial trucks, you should keep the following things in mind before choosing the right installation company:

  • Parts are Expensive: Commercial truck equipment is expensive, and when you are buying them for a fleet it becomes a huge cost. The right installation company will ensure that the installation job is done correctly so your equipment lasts longer and that the parts are not wasted.
  • Long-Term Investment: You would want the investment you make on the equipment to give you high ROI and add value to your truck performance. Experienced technicians make sure that every penny you spend on buying and installing equipment is worth it.
  • Downtime Means Loss Of Money: A shoddy installation job will damage your equipment and will lead to downtime, which means loss of money and time for any operator.
  • Experience Over Money: You may be tempted to cut costs by hiring an inexperienced mechanic, but in the long run it may lead to malfunctioning or damaged equipment when it is not installed properly. The short-term gain could lead to long-term disaster.

Commercial Truck Equipment

Different types of trucks including flatbed trucks, tow trucks, pickup trucks, cargo vans, and passenger vans all have different types of additional equipment that can enhance their performance and longevity.  Equipment like engine heaters to reduce engine wear in extreme weather conditions or a trailer skirt to reduce aerodynamic drag are essential in maintaining a healthy fleet.

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