Breakdown Emergency Response

  • Breakdown Emergency Response

    We help many local, out-of-province, and USA customers, who have breakdowns and require immediate emergency service.

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Fleet Maintenance

  • Fleet Maintenance

    We offer maintenance programs that are adjusted to the type of equipment you operate. Preventative Maintenance is the key to keeping your fleet healthy!

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Engine Diagnostic

  • Engine Diagnostic

    The engine is the heart of your vehicle. Keeping the engine in top condition meaning proper and timely maintenance, and use of high quality parts such as filters, oils, etc...

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Air Brake Repair

  • Air Brake Repair

    Did you know, automatic slack adjusters do not need to be adjusted on a daily basis? If you have to adjust the brakes frequently it means you might have worn out slacks and you might need a repair!

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Electrical Troubleshooting

  • Electrical Troubleshooting

    Due to different vehicle types and operational requirements, each vehicle might have different electrical components. Remember that tampering with electricity without the proper training and knowledge could result in vehicle damage, personal injuries and/or fatalities. Call us first before connecting "those two" wires together.

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Steering, Driveline and Suspension Repair

  • Steering, Driveline and Suspension Repair

    Do you feel a vibration while driving at certain speeds? The issue may be as simple as an out-of-round steer tire, which should be addressed. It can also be more complicated, such as a failed u-joint which can cause drive shaft separation, leading to more expensive repairs!

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Wheel-End Repair

  • Wheel-End Repair

    Whether the wheel seals or breaks need to be replaced, we have the tools and equipment to accurately and properly perform any types of wheel-end repair.

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5th Wheel Repair

  • 5th Wheel Repair

    The 5th wheel is the only connection between the truck and the trailer. An unadjusted 5th wheel can cause trailer bouncing and lock mechanism jamming, while a worn 5th wheel top plate will not have sufficient grease escape groove depth. A worn 5th wheel lock mechanism can cause trailer king pin release and trailer loss as a result. Call us for proper inspection and adjustment to avoid all of these problems.

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Pre/Post Purchase Check

  • Pre/Post Purchase Check

    Whether you are a first-time vehicle owner or you want to add more vehicles to your fleet, a pre or post-purchase inspection of the vehicle should always be performed to identify any problems that used vehicle might have.

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Rear View Camera Installation

  • Rear View Camera Installation

    Have you ever thought of what is happening behind your vehicle that is not visible in the mirrors? Did you ever have a hard time backing up a truck to a tight spot? Have you ever had people passing behind your truck while backing up? CONCORD TRUCK & TRAILER has the solution!

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Hydraulic Hose Services

  • Hydraulic Hose Services

    Hydraulic hoses are an essential component in heavy-duty trucks. Although hydraulics are built to last for years, the natural wear and tear will have an impact on their overall function. And it’s important to be proactive than reactive with hydraulic hoses.

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Other Services

  • Other Services

    CONCORD TRUCK & TRAILER provides a different range of services to satisfy all of our customers needs, including equipment installation, hydraulic repairs, welding, and more.

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