Whether you are buying a used vehicle from a dealer, a private seller or an auction you should always have it inspected before the purchase. Any found problems might be reflected on the price of the vehicle or a decision whether purchasing the vehicle or not. Identifying problems before they occur is always better than trying to fix them later.


Apart from checking the exterior and the fancy look of a vehicle, it is always recommended to get a deeper look on all the components of that vehicle. Problems that may not be as apparent or seem harmless, may lead to catastrophic failures later on. Some factors to consider before buying a used truck include:

    • Mileage and overall condition of the vehicle; and any additional equipment installed
    • Maintenance records since vehicle’s day one
    • Accidents or claims against the vehicle

Buying a truck or a trailer is a significant financial investment and what may look good on paper or a picture may not be a good buy in reality. Getting an inspection done before the purchase will help you make an informed decision and be aware of all the pros and cons.

CONCORD TRUCK & TRAILER provides pre/post purchase inspection services so you are able to evaluate if the truck is the right fit for your fleet.


Armed with years of experience, vision, expertise, and, most of all, passion for all things automotive, we offer pre/post service inspection services for all kinds of trucks and trailers. Our mobile team will come to you anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area with the expertise and equipment to address your problem. Contact us today to get a FREE quote.