Leni and Rocky

Hello everyone!
My name is Leni, a partner of Bathurst Mobile Readymix.
We had a truck down on a job site in the west end of the city. We were short staffed that day and couldn’t leave our shop. We called the dealership for a service call and apparently, they too couldn’t accommodate, however, they referred us to CONCORD TRUCK & TRAILER.

I called Eugene and explained to him that the power steering hose blew. He asked for the driver’s telephone number and called him directly, so that he can get all the info on his location, and issues that the driver was experiencing. Eugene called me back and told me that he as on his way. He had our driver up and going in half an hour.

After 4 years that we dealt with Eugene, we are pleased to have him service our vehicles.

  • He has the excellent knowledge to troubleshoot and pinpoint the problem.
  • Very polite.
  • He works clean, safe and has a vast amount of energy
  • Very reliable
  • Reasonable hourly rate

If we call him, he will guide is over the phone to troubleshoot and believe me that alone saved us money. Sometimes it is an easy fix just over the phone call.

Thank you, Eugene on behalf of Bathurst Mobile Readymix.

Leni and Rocky

Marco Perruzza

We are very grateful and appreciative to Eugene at Concord Truck & Trailer for all he has helped us with when it has come to fixing our trucks. Eugene reacts quickly and does tremendous work. We rely on Eugene for both minor and major repairs and he has always come through. His repairs never run long. The repairs are always completed by the time frame he estimates.

Marco Perruzza
Operations Manager