Custom fabrication is a process where custom-made parts are created or fabricated from a number of materials (mostly metal) to suit the requirements of the fleet manager. These parts are made with the size, utility, weight, and usage of the vehicle in mind to ensure the best possible results.


When a truck is on the road it goes through regular wear-and-tear as well as other bumps and dings, including cracked bumpers and chipped or broken trailer skirts. These damages can lead to major collisions if not repaired at the right time. Apart from accidents, fixing these damages is also essential to meeting safety requirements and also reducing downtime of the fleet.  Truck welding is part of the repair work and should only be carried out by expert technicians.


Custom fabrication allows for added utility and features to a regular truck or trailer, which allows the fleet manager or operator to offer added services to their clients.  This can range from custom dump boxes for pickup trucks and hydraulics within heavy-duty truck parts to stainless steel bumpers for semi-trucks.

Vital factors for a good custom fabrication job are:

  • Safety: As custom fabrication may add to the overall weight of the vehicle, it is essential to make sure that the vehicle meets safety requirements even after the work is done. This is vital for the health and safety of both the driver, the cargo, and the other drivers on the road.
  • Precision: Custom fabrication requires time and money and should be done right the first time without deviating from the exact dimensions and specifications by even an inch. Make sure you choose a reliable company to do the work for you to ensure the precision of the work being done.


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